Illegal Nintendo game copiers seized

According to Nintendo Australia, a massive haul of illegal game copiers and counterfeit Nintendo products have been seized by the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service.

The seized devices are a major concern for the gaming industry and retailers because they circumvent the technical protection measures embedded in Nintendo DS and DSi systems. This therefore enables consumers to use illegal Nintendo software downloaded via the internet.

These game copying devices infringe Nintendo’s trademarks and copyright. They also breach the circumvention device provisions of the Copyright Act.

According to Nintendo, the company has been working with the Australian enforcement authorities to curtail the spread of piracy for more than 10 years. This seizure follows another recent significant Nintendo action.

“Nintendo has taken successful action in the Federal Court of Australia against an importer and online seller of game copiers, establishing that these actions are illegal and the consequences are real,” said a Nintendo spokesperson.

“Nintendo is also taking action against distributors and sellers of game copiers and other infringing devices in many other countries around the world. In some countries, successful criminal proceedings have been brought against the manufacturers, suppliers and sellers of games.”

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