HTC not threatened by Apple lawsuit

HTC has issued an official statement in response to the recent lawsuit filed against it by Apple. The company is adamant that it has not infringed any of the iPhone’s patents.

According to HTC, the company has always been a strong supporter of patent rights.

“HTC is a mobile technology innovator and patent holder that has been very focused over the past 13 years on creating many of the most innovative smartphones,” said a HTC spokesperson.

“HTC Corporation values US and international patent rights and will work with in the US Judicial System to protect its own innovations and rights.”

HTC believes it offers consumers a unique experience in its portfolio of products.

“HTC believes that consumer choice is a key component to success in the smartphone industry and this is best achieved through multiple suppliers providing a variety of mobile experiences.”

“HTC has focused on offering its customers a uniquely-HTC experience through HTC Sense and its broad portfolio of smartphones.”

The recent lawsuit is not expected to have an impact on the business.

“HTC does not believe this lawsuit poses a short-term material impact to its business nor will it affect its Q1 2010 guidance.”

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