Woolworths fire bomber charged

Northern Territory Police announced late last week that it has officially charged the 45-year-old man that caused the explosion at a Woolworths shopping centre in Darwin last week.

The man has been charged with nine counts of attempted murder, unlawfully setting fire to a building, intend serious harm by causing explosion and recklessly endangering life.

The details of the incident have now also been updated and it has been confirmed that the man entered the premise pushing a shopping trolley containing jerry cans of fuel and fire crackers, he then lit the contents of the trolley causing an explosion and a rapid fire.

Commander Colleen Gwynne, described the incident as callous and cowardly.

“While there are a number of burn victims and other patients still in hospital for treatment, it is only luck that has seen no fatalities as a result of this very serious incident,” said Gwynne.

“The way Emergency crews took control of the incident and the way the public responded in supporting these crews is at least one part of this shocking incident that we can all find some pride in.”

The police officer who rendered immediate assistance at the scene has now also been released from hospital following treatment for smoke inhalation.

“One of our police officers who happened to be in the area, reacted without hesitation to search the burning building to ensure it had been fully evacuated. His quick response is a credit to the NT Police force.”

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