‘We offer much more than just in-car GPS’: Garmin

Garmin Australia has today reinforced its position that it can supply a GPS solution for any Australian retailer. It is important for retailers to know that the worldwide leader in GPS can go well beyond the basic in-car solution.

In an interview with Current.com.au this morning, Metthew DeMoss, national sales and marketing manager at Garmin, wanted to reiterate the company’s strong presence in the GPS sector.

Currently, Garmin’s main presence in retail outlets is with its in-car solutions. According to DeMoss, this section of the business is doing exceptionally well. But what a lot of retailers don’t know is that Garmin also stocks a whole range of GPS devices across various product categories.

Garmin currently range products across the in-car, aviation, boating, outdoor (handheld) and fitness sectors. DeMoss said that all of these products are available for interested retailers.

“We always make our products known to all retailers. In many cases we can tailor a range of products to suit a specific retailers needs,” he said.

One area of particular interest DeMoss highlighted was its range of handheld outdoor GPS devices, and how this could be an area of interest for retailers in rural areas. This is because the range is designed for the adventurous consumer who likes to go on bush walks or camping.

Retailers such as The Good Guys, Retravision and Betta Electrical could really benfit from this category due to their considerable presence in rural areas.

Garmin’s fitness range was another area that DeMoss wanted to show off. Garmin currently offer a whole range of GPS watch solutions including the EDGE 705 that includes in-built city navigation and is perfect for runners and cyclists.

“We have always had the largest range of GPS products on the market and we will continue to do this in the future,” he said.

“”We are the worldwide leaders in GPS and I am confident that we can keep this up in the long term.”

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