Uniden to release iPhone and Blackberry wireless charging pad

By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: Wireless device specialist Uniden is releasing a unique charging pad that is compatible with iPhones, Blackberrys, MP3 players and most other mobile phone and handheld units.

The Wireless Power Pad works through a process called conductive charging. The pad is plugged into the wall unit, and using metal-on-metal connectivity, the pad can charge iPhones or Blackberrys using a specially designed sleeve. Simple slip this sleeve on the device and lay it flat on the pad for a charge comparable to plugging in the traditional charger.

“These days we all rely on a multitude of mobile devices – whether we are out and about with work or backpacking around the world. Unfortunately, this means we have to rely on an unwieldy collection of charging cords and batteries as well,” said Uniden senior national marketing executive Brad Hales

“Making life easier through the creation of innovative wireless products has always been the focus at Uniden and now with the introduction of the Wireless Power Series, recharging is now as easy as drop and charge, grab and go. A single Uniden Wireless Power Pad placed on the kitchen counter or desk can possibly charge a whole family’s mobile phones overnight.”

For other devices, Uniden is supplying kits containing docking cords for nearly every phone and gadget on the market. This cord leads to a small disc that lays flat on the pad to provide charging. Up to five devices can be charged at once, and both the discs and sleeves are magnetic, so neither will slip off the pad when in use.

The Wireless Power Pad Deluxe Pack is RRP $199, the Starter Kit is RRP $149, and its various phone sleeves are RRP $59.

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