Kleenmaid back on the shelves this weekend

It’s now official, Kleenmaid appliances will be back on the shelves this Saturday 20 February 2010. The new Kleenmaid brand has no direct association with the disgraced company in liquidation, but is offering disgruntled customers a chance to get their items at a discounted price.

Late last year Compass Capital Partners acquired the Kleenmaid brand and it will now open a Kleenmaid Direct Clearance Centre at Banksmeadow in Sydney’s south this Saturday 20 February 2010.

The new centre will give consumers access to $2 million worth of Kleenmaid appliances.

“We are delighted that people can purchase the high quality products that are manufactured under the Kleenmaid brand. Our immediate aim is to try and help consumers that have been affected by the collapse of the Kleenmaid group,” said Compass CEO, Danny Hamilton.

“Although we have no direct association with the Kleenmaid company that is in liquidation, we are prepared to assist people who lost their deposits or warranties, or are waiting for orders that were placed before Kleenmaid went into liquidation.”

Hamilton encourages consumers to take advantage of the company’s discount offer on Kleenmaid branded products.

“We would encourage anyone who has been affected by the collapse to contact us directly to discuss how they can purchase Kleenmaid products,” he said. “In particular, before February 20, I encourage people who have outstanding orders with the old group to register on our website and provide details of their prior transaction so we can streamline our efforts to try and provide replacement products at a discounted price.”

“Our discount offer is simply a good will gesture. The deposit that has been made with the former Kleenmaid will be offset by Compass in the form of a discount. There is more information about the discount on the website.”

In addition to this, Compass will also offer a two year warranty on selected products purchased from the former Kleenmaid Group. Any new products purchased will also be covered by a two year warranty.

Compass is currently negotiating with major national retailers to sell Kleenmaid appliances. The company said that it plans to have product in store by mid-year.

Hamilton emphasised that the company is keen to restore the well known brand name to its former glory.

“Our plan is based around restoring the brand. More than 1.2 million products have been sold in Australia over the past 25 years and we believe that we can successfully re-launch a quality brand which has a very loyal following across the country.”

For more information on the rejuvenation of the Kleenmaid brand, visit www.kleenmaid-appliances.com.au.

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