Seagate celebrates 30 years of Hard Drive innovation

Seagate celebrated its 30th anniversary in Sydney this morning and took a trip down memory lane to show off some of its past product releases. The industry sure has come a long way, especially when it comes to storage space and size.

Banseng Teh, vice president and managing director of Seagate’s Asia Pacific and Japan sales and marketing, hosted the event and ran through many of the company’s milestones as well as his thoughts on the future.

Teh showed off the complete range of Seagate’s technological inventions at the event, including the world’s first 5.25 HDD ST-506HDD (launched in 1980), which had a capacity of just 5MB. The range also included the company’s current models, which include the world’s thinnest 2.5-inch Hard Drive and its first Solid State Drive.

Throughout the presentation, Teh discussed some of the obstacles the company and industry has faced recently.

The economy has been very bleak over the past couple of years, and both Seagate and the entire Hard Drive industry have been hit hard. But there has always been optimism about a recovery,” he said.

Teh was optimistic about the coming years for Seagate and the industry as a whole, due to the ever growing demand for storage.

“Consumption of storage is continually growing and the demand for storage has never gone away. The amount of storage your everyday consumer uses is always increasing,” he said.

“When a consumer runs out of storage space they have two options: buy a new PC or take the cheaper option and upgrade to a new a Hard Drive.”

Teh also emphasised the importance of backing up to the hard drive market and how this will help the industry grow.

“As consumers start to increasingly store their data digitally, the importance of backing up content grows,” he said.

“Everyone should back up their PC with an external Hard Drive, and in many cases that Hard Drive should also be backed up as well.”

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