PS3 sales outperform total video game industry

According to the latest GfK data, the Sony Playstation 3 experienced the largest growth in the industry in hardware unit sales for 2009. A total of 770,000 PS3 consoles are now in Australian homes.

According to the latest figures, Sony’s PS3 experienced a 27 per cent hardware unit sales growth for the calendar year, which was higher than the total industry’s growth and its competitors.

When you combine all hardware, software and peripheral sales, the PS3 represents a 19 per cent total value share of the industry by platform, which accounted for $394 million in industry revenue.

The PS3 saw an additional 318,000 consoles installed in Australian homes throughout 2009, which takes the total install base up to 770,000 units. Roughly 30 per cent of all PS3s have been installed since Sony released its new slimmer and cheaper unit on 3 September 2009.

“2009 was really the year that PlayStation 3 hit its stride. These results clearly show a positive response from Australian consumers to the new PS3 model, available at a more affordable price, resulting in a massive uptake as the ultimate game and interactive entertainment system for the home,” said Michael Ephraim, managing director SCE Australia and New Zealand.

“2009 was also the year when more families began to enjoy the value entertainment offering of PS3, where gaming is just the start of the PlayStation experience. From the successful launch of PlayTV and catch up TV services, to driving the continued growth of the Blu-ray format, consumers were drawn to PS3 for a whole variety of reasons this year and we expect this to continue in 2010 as we diversify and evolve as the entertainment hub of the living room.”

Ephraim was confident that 2010 will be another big year for the Sony and Playstation, with a whole range of new innovations on the horizon. Some exciting developments in store for the year include 3D stereoscopic games and movies to be available after software upgrades, a new motion controller and the arrival of an on-demand movie delivery service via the Playstation Network.

“We will continue to work closely with our Sony sister companies in Australia to offer the best entertainment and technology to the consumer, while enhancing our network content and services globally. The next phase of the make.believe campaign in Australia will further capture this united spirit,” he said.

Figures quoted are the current install base for PS3 consoles and includes those given away in promotions. GfK Australia has confirmed that the figures excluding promotions stand at 272,000 for 2009 and 645,000 total.

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