Olin launches new wireless Nintendo DS charger

Olin has just introduced a new charging technology to the Australian market. The first product in the range will be for the Nintendo DS and uses the power of electromagnets to charge your device wirelessly.

The new universal wireless power system, called Qi, means that consumers can simply lay their device on a charging pad and it will charge by electromagnetic induction between the device and the pad.

The Wireless Power Charger for Nintendo DS Lite is the first product in the range. It comes with a charging pad and sleeve. The charging sleeve can also be used as a protective casing for your gaming console and can be kept on the device wherever you go.

The unit is very simple to use and install. All consumers have to do is plug in the charging pad and place their DS into the charging sleeve which can be easily placed on top of the pad. This is all that is required and the unit will charge without any wires being placed into the DS.

The unit features safe wireless technology, over/under voltage protection, short circuit protection, charging status indicator and a standard charging time of 2.5-3 hours.

According to Olin, a wireless charger will also be released for the Apple iPhone and Blackberry Curve smartphone early this year.

The Olin Wireless charger for Nintendo DS Lite is available in either black or white for RRP $129.

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