Samsung 3D TVs to be launched from mid-April in Australia

Mark Leathan, head of consumer electronics marketing at Samsung Electronics Australia, has told Appliance Retailer that the new 3D TVs unveiled at CES will be available in Australia from mid-April. The new flagship 9000 LED series is expected to come out in mid-July.

“3D TV is definitely one of a few things we will be pushing heavily throughout 2010,” he said. “Samsung will certainly be banging the drum for 3D technology this year.”

According to Leathan, the new 3D TVs unveiled at CES in Las Vegas will be heading towards Australia in mid-April. The full 3D TV line-up will include the LED 7000, LED 8000 and LED 9000, as well as LCD and plasma televisions. The flagship LED 9000 series is set for a mid-July release.

Leathan was very excited about the release of the LED 9000 series which is the world’s slimmest fully integrated LED back-lit TV. The TV also includes a premium touchscreen remote with built-in 3D technology.

Samsung has been proudly spruiking the benefits of its LED TVs throughout 2009. Appliance Retailer asked if consumers will see a difference in the 3D quality of LED compared to LCD and plasma.

“I don’t see why the benefits of LED in normal viewing situations won’t transition over to the 3D format,” he said.

The only obstacle 3D TV seems to facing in the near future is content, with Leathan saying the success of the medium will definitely revolve around the amount of content that is released. Regardless of this, he was optimistic that the whole range of features the new range offers will convert into sales for the company.

“I think the new releases from Samsung will be very popular because of the whole range of features built-in. We are not going to try to guess exactly how many consumers will take advantage of the 3D technology,” he said.

Samsung had a very busy CES in 2010, with a whole range of products on offer from TVs to Blu-ray players right through to cameras and notebooks. The company alsowon 23 CES Innovation Awards.

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