LG finds World’s Fastest Texter

The LG Mobile World Cup has just wrapped up In New York and the World’s Fastest Texter has been crowned.

Representing Australia in the competition was Jian Li, the Australian winner, and Paige Gallagher, who was runner up. The girls faced tough competition from around the world and had to battle against teams from Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Indonesia, Mexico, Portugal, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain and the USA.

The competition consisted of three rounds, each comprising of five different challenges based around texting. At the end of the tournament Team South Korea was awarded the title of the World’s Fastest Texters with Yeong-ho Bae and Mok-min Ha taking away the $100,000 prize. Morgan Dynda and Kate Moore from the USA came in second and won $20,000 and Juan Ignacio Aufranc and Augustina Montegna from Argentina were ranked third and took home $10,000.

Paige spoke to current.com.au after the competition and commented on the quality of the opposition.

“The American girls were really fast and came out on top a lot of the time. But the South Korean’s were also really quick and ended up being the fastest overall,” she said.

The official handsets used in the competition were the LG GW520 (QWERTY) and the New Chocolate Slide (alphanumeric). In accordance with the rules, one of each phone had to be used by each team.

Paige was very excited to be in New York as it was the first time she has been overseas.

“LG paid for me and my mum to come over, but the rest of my family ended up coming as well. We made a holiday out of it. We are heading to LA in a couple of days, which is exciting.”

Nathan Dunn, general manager, mobile communications, LG Electronics Australia, commented on LG’s commitment to mobile communications.

“As a leader in mobile communications, LG strives to provide the latest in mobile phone technology. LG’s QWERTY and alphanumeric devices make keeping in touch with friends and family a fast and convenient experience when texting, emailing or using social networking sites,” he said.

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