New long-range record set with Uniden cordless phone

After conducting a unique test in Sydney last week, Uniden has proven that its new XDECT R Series cordless phones can be used over longer distances than ever before.

To test out the maximum distance possible for the new XDECT R Series, Uniden set up a conference call with a caller stationed on the sand at Bondi Beach and another caller located at the southern end of Bronte Beach.

For the test, Uniden used the XDECT R055+2 consisting of a main base and two handsets, plus four additional XDECT R005 cordless handsets. The talking range ended up extending to 2.2 kilometres.

“While your average home phone user isn’t likely to talk to mates from their beachfront hang-out located more than a kilometre from the main phone base, many users do appreciate the portability of their cordless phone and the flexibility to make calls from anywhere around their home without interference,” said Mark Willis, national marketing manager, Uniden Australia.

“With the arrival of XDECT R Series, people who live in large houses or farms, for example, are now able to pop their cordless handset in their pocket and enjoy call clarity – whether they are calling from the backyard swimming pool or the back paddock shed.”

According to Uniden, this unprecedented range is possible due to the company’s world-first design which sees repeater stations incorporated into the charging base of each handset. Each time a handset is added, the built-in repeater stations act as a transmission point and re-transmits the signal from the main base and extends the range even further.

The XDECT R Series consists of three models, the XDECT R055 + 2 (RRP $399.95), XDECT R055 +1 (RRP $299.95) and the XDECT R005 (RRP $129.95).

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