Haier says it’s number one, has go at rivals

By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: Haier has today announced it is the world’s number major appliance brand by volume market share. The Chinese supplier has also taken the opportunity to have a sly dig at its competitors, saying that whilst others have generally declined, Haier is improving across the board.

Haier’s claim is based on research from Euromonitor International. According to the quoted figures, Haier’s retail volume market share in global major appliances during 2009 was 5.1 per cent. In refrigeration, Haier is at 10.4 per cent, while in laundry it is at 8.4 per cent.

These figures were attributed to Haier’s innovative and quality products, which have provided value to consumers during the global financial crisis. In addition to promoting this achievement, a Haier spokesperson pointed out that not all suppliers have been so successful this year.

“Haier’s main competitors’ market shares in major home appliances, refrigeration appliances and home laundry appliances have generally declined, while Haier’s market share increased in all categories,” said the spokesperson in a statement.

So why has Haier done so well whilst its competitors flounder? Haier director of global branding operation Zhang Tieyan offered some reasons.

“Haier strives to provide products and services that always meet its customers’ needs. The rankings show that customers around the world appreciate our efforts, and increasingly chose Haier over other brands,” said Tieyan.

“The Haier brand is on the path of becoming a true global brand, recognized for its innovation, quality and value.”

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