New plug-and-play wireless speakers from Digislide

Digislide, a South Australian based company that specialises in miniature projection technology is trying to push its credentials as an audio supplier with the launch of its new W3 wireless speakers.

The W3 miniature wireless speaker for notebooks and PCs is the new release from Digislide and is targeted at consumers who want an easy plug-and-play device that takes minimal effort to install.

All consumers have to do to connect the speakers is plug in the USB jack to a PC or notebook and insert four AA batteries into the speaker.

“No need for wires, downloading drivers or inserting CDs to get started, the W3 speakers are a pure plug-and-play personal entertainment system, that’s perfect for watching movies, mobile gaming or delivering an engaging business presentation,” said the company in a statement.

One of the main features you notice when you have the W3 speaker in your hands is the small and lightweight frame. The device measures in at just 7 centimetres high and weighs only 150 grams, but still manages to output a healthy sound through a maximum output of 1.5 watts.

According to Digislide, consumers can connect up to 20 W3 speakers through the one USB port and because of the 20-metre range, multiple speakers can be positioned around the home.

The Digislide W3 wireless speakers are available now and come with one speaker, a USB jack and four AA batteries for an RRP of $109.

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