Samsung Mobile to make NYE messages easier to send

It’s often very hard to remember to send text messages on New Year’s Eve and sometimes when you do remember it gets so busy that they often won’t get through. Samsung has resolved this problem by setting up a new texting website to ensure messages reach their target.

According to Samsung, delivery failure will be a thing of the past with this new service and pre-registering your messages will ensure they will get through.

All consumers need to do to send a NYE message is visit the website and enter the mobile number of the intended recipient. It is open to all Australian mobile users – irrespective of carrier or model type, and the messages will be sent free of charge to five of your closest friends and family right at midnight (standard text message rate of 25 cents will still aplly).

You can also log in and change your message as many times as you want right up until 11:00pm EST on 31 December 2009.

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