Nokia takes on Blackberry with E72

Nokia Australia has just released its new email orientated handset the E72. While the device may look like a Blackberry, it actually features many unique applications like Nokia Messaging and the Ovi Store, which are only available on Nokia devices.

The E72 is the successor to the E71 handset and comes preloaded with Nokia Messaging, to give consumers the ability to access their work and personal emails, as well as Instant Messaging.

Nokia is claiming that with Nokia messaging it is removing the barriers stopping many people from accessing mobile email by making it easier to set-up and at a fraction of the cost.

With Nokia Messaging all users have to do to set-up their email account is type in their email address and password and the set-up wizard does the rest. Email is then pushed directly to the E72 handset and therefore costs significantly less than a lot of other mobile email solutions.

While Nokia Messaging is strongly promoted as a solution for corporate users, it is also a popular solution for personal accounts and is fully supported with accounts like Yahoo!Mail, Gmail, Windows Live Hotmail and Ovi Mail.

The addition of Instant Messaging functionality is another feature targeted towards the more casual mobile user. This feature lets you set up various IM accounts from the likes of Yahoo, Google and Microsoft instantly straight from the E72 home screen.

In terms of the design of the E72, Nokia has created a device that looks very similar to a Blackberry due to its full size QWERTY keypad. But the device definitely has some impressive specifications that set it apart from its competitors.

The handset features a slim 10mm design and weighs in at just 128 grams, which is surprising due to its wide 2.4” display and larger QWERT keypad.

Other features of the E72 include A-GPS Navigation technology with Ovi Maps, five-megapixel camera, optical navi key and a new version of Quickoffice, with Microsoft 2007 compatibility.

Nokia is expecting this handset to perform very well in the market due to the fact that many consumers hold email communication as their top priority.

According to Nokia research, 46 per cent of people choose email over voice or text to send and receive important information. In addition to this, work emails were ranked as the most important messages to receive.

The Nokia E72 is available now for a RRP of $719 through Optus, VHA and selected retailers.

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