Reduce your cooking time with Whirlpool

Whirpool has announced that in January 2010 it will be releasing a new range of ovens in Australia. The line-up is said to dramatically reduce cooking time and revolutionise mealtime preparation.

According to Whirlpool, it will be releasing two 60cm stainless steel electric ovens: the premium AKZM655/IX (RRP $1,199) with graphic LCD display, Ready2Cook ‘no preheat’ function and 6th sense technology: and the mid-level AKZM654/IX (RRP: $899) with an LCD iconic display and Ready2Cook function.

The new Ready2Cook function is unique to Whirlpool and allows an oven to reach its set temperature in seconds. This convection system means cooking time can be reduced by up to 26 per cent and save energy up to 20 per cent.

Whirlpools Cook3 technology is another feature of the range and gives consumers the freedom to cook up to three dishes at the same time without mixing flavours or aromas.

The 6th sense technology found in the premium model is another great feature, which senses the weight of the food and monitors the temperature inside the oven, adapting the cooking process and time accordingly.

“Whirlpool is continually developing new products and technology that keeps ahead of the competition and makes consumers’ lives as easy and stress-free as possible,” said Alexandra Miles, Whirlpool’s category manager – food preparation and home cleaning.

“These days, people are time poor and don’t want to be spending hours preparing meals; rather, enjoying them, which is why Ready2Cook, Cook3 and the other functions on this new range of ovens is delivering what consumers want – more time.”

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