Why LG claims the title of the ‘Life’s Good Company’

By Martin Vedris

SYDNEY, NSW: One of the ways that LG Electronics is building a premium brand image is the way it aims to communicate its unique product benefits to consumers. But how does LG stake a claim to being the ‘Life’s Good Company’?

The Life’s Good slogan for LG Electronics was first developed in Australia before it went global. And the global slogan is almost a mission statement for the company because LG aims to tie the concept of Life’s Good into every product.

“In the consumer electronics industry there is a lot of constant innovation but a lot of the innovation is not promoted as a clear meaningful benefit to the consumer,” said LG Electronics Australia senior category marketing manager, Stan Bilinski

“But where LG is different is that we tell consumers how each unique benefit improves the lives of consumers, because consumers want to hear about how products improve their lives and make things easier.”

Some of the recent product benefits launched on LG products include the direct drive motor on the washing machines, steam clothes washing, UV lighting on the dishwashers to kill germs, faster cooking with the SolarDOM and inbuilt PVRs in TVs to pause, rewind and record TV.

“We are constantly looking at technologies that improve people’s lives,” said Bilinski. “A classic example is the steam washer. There are plenty of washing machines in the market but LG’s steam washer improves the health of people with asthma. The steam kills 99 per cent of the allergens, so if you have less allergens on your clothes, you experience less asthma symptoms and that improves the quality of your life and your health.

“Also, we are all rushed for time, so our SolarDOM saves you a lot of time cooking your meals.”

Stan Bilinski summed up why LG’s slogan is so important to the company.

“We are the Life’s Good Company, because we make it clear how our products improve people’s lives.”

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