LG crowns Australia’s fastest texter

Last night LG Electronics Australia hosted the National Texting Championships, where three contestants had to compete in various tasks to earn $10,000 cash and a trip to New York to represent Australia in the World Cup.

Darren Mcmullen from MTV was on hand throughout the night and to welcome guests to the MTV Networks Australia where Jian, Bronte and Paige battled it out to claim the title.

All the girls were selected due to the fact that they recorded the fastest times in their selective rounds earlier in the competition.

In an interview with Current.com.au before the competition, Paige mentioned how she was really nervous, but was confident due to the fact that she sends around 200 text messages in a single day.

Both Jian and Bronte were also avid texters claiming to send around 100 messages a day and preferred text over other forms of mobile communication.

The competition required the girls to compete in three rounds, the first required the competitors to text the alphabet blind folded on their LG handset, the second round required them to text a long paragraph in the quickest time while being distracted by two MTV staff members and the third round required them to answer some text trivia.

Jian and Paige were triumphant at the end of the normal rounds and then had to battle it out in a sudden death text off, where Jian just scraped in to claim the title and prize package.

“LG is a leader in mobile communications and QWERTY messaging devices,” said Nathan Dunn, general manager, Mobile Communications, LG Electronics Australia. “LG QWERTY handsets are great communication tools offering speed, convenience and accuracy as demonstrated in this competition. We are very excited for Jian to be representing Australia in the LG Mobile World Cup.”

Jian, who is from Parramatta in Sydney, will now be heading off to New York to compete in the LG Mobile World Cup next year and have a chance at taking home US $100,000 in prize money.

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