‘Quietly Brilliant’ advertising strategy from HTC

At the launch of its new Hero and Tattoo Smartphones earlier in the week, HTC Corporation also announced its new marketing direction for the New Year and how this will help the company reach new heights.

Anthony Petts, sales and marketing director, ANZ, HTC Corporation, discussed the company’s new campaign which revolves around the slogan ‘Quietly Brilliant’.

“The new Quietly Brilliant slogan really models where we come from and what we have done,” he said.

“We are producing brilliant products in the marketplace, but we shouldn’t have to brag about how good we are.”

Petts expects this new campaign and the strong line-up of handsets out in the market to boost the success of the company in the future.

“What we have achieved is amazing and this is going to grow,” he said. “We have to be different and therefore we will position ourselves differently.”

One of the ways the company will make itself different from the opposition is in its creative ads, which will revolve around doodling to explain how a phone works.

“Our new creative ads will be based around doodling, where the image of the phone have a simple diagram surrounding it explaining how the phone works and some of its features,” he said.

“This approach will allow us to explain some of the features whilst making us stand out from our competitors.”

In addition to the print ads, HTC will also be running a television advertising campaign in the New Year.

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