Now is the best time to buy a TV says Sony

Christmas is fast approaching and many suppliers are taking advantage of this with a variety of promotions. In regards to flat panel TVs in particular, Sony Australia thinks there has never been a better time to grab a new display.

According to Toby Barbour, deputy general manager of consumer products marketing at Sony Australia, consumers should take advantage of the strong promotional activity.

“I think as a consumer there has never been a better time to buy a High Definition LCD or Plasma TV,” he said.

“This is due to better technology, competitive pricing and strong promotional activity in the marketplace. For the consumer, it is a terrific time to take advantage of that.”

Barbour also said that promotional offers with free gifts often spur on sales due to the fact that it makes a consumers purchase seem valuable.

“Through our own research we have found that consumers want post purchase reassurance, they want to feel like they have made a valuable purchase and that’s where our extended three year warranty also plays a strong role,” he said.

“Gift with purchase promotions definitely play a role in the purchasing decision but other key influencers like the switchover to digital TV and design all play a role to contribute. It’s not a silver bullet, but a combination of many strong tactical offers that provide consumers with an incentive to buy.”

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