Xbox not concerned with Sony’s PlayTV launch

Andrew Jenkins product manager for Xbox Live, is not concerned with the announcement that Sony will be releasing PlayTV for its PS3, due to the fact that Xbox 360 customers have been able to turn their console into a PVR for years.

At a press launch in Sydney on Wednesday, Jenkins spoke with about the new range of services on offer from Microsoft’s gaming console and the conversation inevitably turned to its competitors.

When asked whether he was worried about the new PlayTV launch for Sony’s Playstation 3, he showed no concern whatsoever.

“No, I am not worried about it at all. To be honest with you we have been able pause and record TV and playback movies for years now. All you have to do is connect your Xbox to your Windows 7 PC network at home. A lot of people are currently doing this,” he said.

“We already have that type of service and when you look at the future of our Xbox Live service we will be delivering all sorts of content.”

Jenkins further emphasised that Xbox Live services like Movies on Demand, will offer Xbox 360 customers much more than just a PVR for free TV.

“The main thing is that we are going to be delivering a lot of content that is not on free TV, we will feature a whole range of premium content that people want to watch,” he said.

“The future is certainly looking bright for the Xbox 360 and Xbox Live.”

When asked where Xbox Live content will be going further down the track, Jenkins stated that it will probably follow the same direction as its overseas counterparts.

“The way the technology is going and the way we are delivering content in the US and UK, with everything from live TV to catch up TV, movies and sports. We are heading towards this sort of direction in Australia,” he said.

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