Rick Hart retires as CEO of Rick Hart Group

Rick Hart, the CEO and founder of the Rick Hart Group in Western Australia and a director at Clive Peeters, has tendered his resignation for both roles effective immediately.

Greg Smith, managing director of Clive Peeters, commented on Hart’s departure from the company.

“With our annual general meeting due on 20 Novemeber 2009, Rick decided it was in the best interests of the company for him not to seek re-election as a director for another two years, and believes now is a good time for him to move on and explore other business opportunities,” he said.

“We acknowledge Rick’s outstanding contribution to the Rick Hart business as its founder and driving force over many years, and especially appreciate his efforts as executive director and CEO of that group since the merger of our businesses in 2005.”

Smith said that a replacement has already been organised.

“We are pleased and fortunate to be able to announce the appointment of Ron Pamenter as the new general manager of the Rick Hart Group, replacing Rick Hart. Ron is well known to many of the Rick Hart team, having been CEO of the Rick Hart business from 1998 to 2002, and he has a deep knowledge of the business, and of the WA industry,” he said.

“His extensive experience in the industry also encompasses a period as CEO of the Queensland based Clive Anthony Group from 2002 to early 2007.”

According to Smith, Parmenter has played a vital role in the company and is the perfect candidate to fill the role Rick Hart has left open.

“Over the last two years, Ron has been an integral part of the Clive Peeters’ senior management team in Victoria, with responsibility for special projects and for the group’s property portfolio, and has developed a full knowledge of our business operation and marketing and buying strategies. He is an ideal candidate to head up the WA operation,” he said.

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