Dimplex promoting air con for when it’s hot, hot, hot

By Patrick Avenell

MELBOURNE, VIC: The new range of Glen Dimplex air conditioners can operate in temperatures up to 43° Celsius – significantly more than other ranges – according to the supplier.

Speaking with Current.com.au, Glen Dimplex marketing co-ordinator Douglas Yapp said the new range had been proven performers in extreme heat, and were suitable for effective cooling throughout Australia’s often oppressive summer days. As a result of this innovation, Yapp said interest in the Dimplex portable air conditioner range had been “huge”.

“As long as the units are correctly sized for the area they are operating in, the 2009 Dimplex units will continue to perform in temperatures when other units will cease to operate in full efficiency.” Yapp said.

“Given the temperatures we have already seen this summer, and the recent memories of last January and February, consumers are concerned about the performance of portable air conditioners when it gets really hot. This feature delivers a really tangible benefit to the end user and a great reason to buy a Dimplex unit this summer.”

“Huge demand early this summer has generated significant growth over last year with many stores pulling forward December and January forward orders to cope with customer demand.”

Also in the Dimplex range for the 2010 summer season are two new portable inverter units. Yapp said these models can reach the set temperature around four times faster than other units, and retain a standard climate, rather than fluctuating.

The Dimple portable air conditioner range is between RRP $699 and $1,599.

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