Panasonic enters the next generation of plasma TV

Panasonic Australia has just announced its new line-up of VIERA plasma TVs using its next generation Neo Plasma technology. Some of the new models include the G15, Z1 and V10 Series.

The G15 range comprises of two new models, a 50-inch (TH-P42G15A RRP: $2,499) and 42-inch (TH-P42G15A RRP: $3,299), which boast a brighter picture, faster FHD motion image response and smarter design.

The VIERA G15 Series also features Panasonic’s VIERA CAST functionality, which allows users to enjoy online content in their lounge room.

“With the arrival of VIERA CAST, Panasonic has redefined home entertainment, opening the door to an array of content easily accessible via the TV’s remote control,” said Matt Pearce, product manager, TV – Consumer Electronics Group, Panasonic Australia.

“As a world leader in home entertainment products, Panasonic continues to achieve the most innovative, picture-improving technologies in flat panels. Neo Plasma is the result of this commitment, forever redefining the possibilities of Plasma image quality and performance.”

As well as this, Panasonic is also releasing the Wireless Z1 Plasma TV (TH-P54Z1A RRP: $7,699), which features an ultra-thin 1-inch panel. But Panasonic is also bringing this ultra-thin design to larger screen sizes with the V10 Series, which includes both 65-inch and 58-inch models (TH-P65V10A and TH-P58V10A) with a 2-inch panel.

Paul Reid, director – Consumer Electronics Group, Panasonic Australia, commented on the exciting new range of plasma TVs.

“Neo Plasma heralds an entirely new era for Plasma panels, taking thin design, performance and picture quality to a new level and confirming its place as the premier choice in big screen TV,” he said.

“Neo Plasma is testament to Panasonic’s commitment to the relentless pursuit of Plasma innovation and excellence, ensuring the consumer enjoys state-of-the-art entertainment.”

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