Retailers warned over EFTPOS card skimming scam

West Australian Police are warning retailers and consumers about a recent credit/debit card skimming and pin capturing scam occurring at retailers through compromised EFTPOS point of sale devices.

The WA Major Fraud Squad has highlighted that it has received substantial information since 5 October 2009 about various occurrences of suspicious card activity at retailers throughout the Perth Metropolitan area.

Police at this time are unable to disclose the nature of the skimming device being used due to operational sensitivities; however they are working closely with retailers and financial institutions to address the issue.

The Major Fraud Squad and the Technology Crime Investigation Team have commenced an operation to investigate the reported offences.

The Police are urging retailers to report any recent suspicious activity, especially if EFTPOS point of sale devices have been lost or tampered with.

Members of the public are being encouraged to check their current credit/debit card statements and report any suspicious activity to police. They are also being encouraged to be vigilant in protecting the personal credit/debit card details.

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