Sharp releases two new French Door fridges

By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: Sharp Australia has announced the release of two new models in its French Door Fridge range: the SJF602SPBK (602 litres, RRP $4,179) and SJF653SPSSL (653 litres, RRP $4,399).

Sharp reports that improved cosmetic features include a stylish silver trim on the tempered glass shelves and an elegant long pole handle in stainless steel. 

“For increased customer convenience, the refrigerator interior is illuminated with LED lighting and the external blue LCD display allows users to customise functions to their preferred settings,” said a Sharp spokesperson.

Sharp French Door refrigerators incorporate a Hybrid Cooling System which involves an aluminium panel chilled to 0ËšC, located at the rear of the refrigerator compartment. The panel’s chilled air is spread evenly throughout the compartment minimising loss of food quality by helping to prevent excessive dryness, uneven cooling and over-cooling.

An inbuilt nano-deodoriser helps to maintain food quality and freshness. Sharp says it does this by using a special deodorising filter to reduce unpleasant or strong food odours as the air circulates inside the refrigerator, resulting in a fresher and cleaner fragrance.

“Another useful feature is Sharp’s exclusive Plasmacluster Ion system which releases positive and negative Ions from vents inside the refrigerator to help reduce bacteria and airborne mould spores, this helps to keep food fresh for longer storage periods,” said the spokesperson.

“All models feature four doors with a practical and spacious interior to improve storage options. The double-door refrigerator compartment is located above the spacious freezer drawer in an ‘upside down’ configuration offering a more practical use of space.

“Featuring a generous 770mm internal shelf width in the refrigerator section, storage of wide items such as party platters, storage containers and prepared dishes is made possible. The tempered glass shelves with silver trim can easily be height adjusted to accommodate tall items such as birthday cakes and other difficult to store items. The lower refrigerator compartment is subdivided into convenient drawer-type cases that help maintain the crispness and freshness of fresh fruit and vegetables.

“The well-designed two-door freezer compartment allows convenient access with drawer-type storage cases. The split door design improves efficiency as one section can be opened at a time, reducing cold air loss. Other features include express freezing/ice making function, holiday mode, timer, door alarm and child lock.”

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