The New Panasonic Neo Plasma Series

Neo Speed

600Hz Sub-field drive Neo Plasma delivers Full HD motion and still images with 1080 lines of resolution. For even greater clarity Panasonic’s unique image-analysis technology optimises frames to display fast-action scenes in Full HD resolution.

Neo Contrast

The new Neo Plasma range incorporates an improved panel production process and the new Real Black Drive system.
This pre-discharge control system combines with Neo Plasma technology to achieve next-generation black reproduction with a cinema-like 2,000,000+:1 Dynamic contrast ratio.

Neo Colour

Neo Plasma offers the equivalent of a full 6,144 steps of gradation assuring smooth, rich image expression. This superb gradation performance means that even the most delicate shades of colour are accurately conveyed.
Neo Technology is available on the new Panasonic Z1, V10, G10 and G15 Plasma Series.

The New Z1, the Ultimate Neo Plasma

Neo Plasma technology has delivered our most refined Plasma TV yet. Ultra slim (25mm*) and elegant with its specially designed detachable speakers, you’ll love the Z1 at first sight.

Yet its beauty is far more than skin deep with a collection of outstanding features like wireless convenience that make the VIErA Z1 possibly the most desirable Full HD flat screen ever. WirelessHD™ transmits Full HD 1080p pictures and sound – without wires or signal loss. A revolution in both technical and design terms, the Z1 with WirelessHD™ gives you many more location and installation possibilities within your home.

Like the rest of the VIErA TV range, the Z1 can also playback High Definition photos and video from its SD card slot.
Neo Plasma is television at the next level.

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