One Pot Wonder

Sear, Slow Cook and Serve – All in One

Now the new Breville BSC560 with the innovative EasySearTM Pan has made slow cooking even easier.

After a tiring work day, there’s nothing better than arriving home to the smell of a delicious home cooked meal wafting through the front door ready to be served up!

The ikonTM slow cooker enables one pot cooking with a non-stick, scratch resistant, die-cast aluminum pan.  This slow cooker pan has been designed to be lifted out to brown ingredients on the stovetop and then returned to the cooker for long, slow simmering. 

Once meals are cooked, they can be transferred directly to the table, and then stored in the fridge or the freezer as leftovers.

The EasySearTM Pan can also be used on its own to cook and serve your favourite dishes, whether in the oven or on the stovetop. 

The slow cooker has a unique wrap around element for even heat distribution and constant temperature, which will make cooking a delectable meal for your family and friends a breeze. Featuring a stylish stainless-steel exterior with silicon handle covers for heat protection.

For those who love wholesome home cooking and need to cater for a hungry horde more often than not, the large 7 litre capacity ikonTM Slow Cooker will prove to be an essential piece of kitchen equipment worth its weight in gold!  It retails for $199.95

Other Features:

  • EasySearTM Pan designed for searing on the stovetop, slow cooking and roasting in the oven
  • All in one removable heavy, oven and cooktop safe die-cast pan
  • Quantanium™ non-stick coating
  • Wrap around element for even temperature
  • High, low and auto settings
  • Extra large seven litre capacity
  • Silicon cool touch handles

For further information, visit or call customer service on 1300 139 798.

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