‘Two sides to every story’: Truscotts employee hits back at criticism

By Patrick Avenell

ADELAIDE, SA & SYDNEY, NSW: After reading yesterday’s story detailing Truscotts management ignoring staff concerns and requests, head office employee Tanya Uppington contacted Current.com.au this morning to present her side of the story.

Uppington, who still works for Truscotts, despite the company being in receivership, objected to being described as ‘senior management’, and said there were two sides to every story. Whilst Uppington did not question the authenticity of yesterday’s article, which detailed how she told store manager Damien Mills to “go away” when he requested a stock take, she did say Mills presented only half the full story.

“[Damien] Mills, even though he is a past employee, certainly as a store manager knew that all staff at Truscotts, including myself, has been under enormous pressure trying to deal with the frustrations of doing their jobs with one hand tied behind their backs for a long time,” said Uppington.

“We have all put in a huge effort to make the company successful. Most staff have been in the electrical game for a very long time, and bring a lot of experience into the company.

“Senior management and staff have always had to follow instructions and directions from the owners of this business. I too have been just as frustrated as Mills.

“When you have been in the Electrical game for 11 years, working for Retravision and Savery’s [sic] you know what is required for good stock control, and it was clear from the beginning what needed to happen at Truscotts.  I too had been voicing my concerns from the moment I joined the company after coming across from Retravision.

“I, along with the remaining dedicated staff, could have decided to walk away from this [tough] situation, but we have all stayed on board and have only ever given it our very best shot.

“We [current and former staff] are all casualties of this situation. We all have lives, mortgages, mouths to feed, and ex-staff pointing the finger at past workmates is very unprofessional to say the least.”

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