New Optus Satellite to boost Foxtel offering

Optus has announced the launch of its latest satellite, the Optus D3. The new satellite is promised to offer more television, internet and telephony services to Australians, including 30 new Foxtel channels.

Paul O’Sullivan, Optus chief executive, commented on the launch which took place in French Guiana this morning.

“What an exciting day for Australia. This morning we witnessed the spectacular rocket launch of Optus’ newest satellite, Optus D3,” he said.

“Optus launched Australia’s first satellite almost 25 years ago and we continue to fly the country’s satellite fleet today. As the only Australian telco to own and operate satellites, Optus is the leading provider of satellite services across Australia and New Zealand.”

One of the major advantages this new satellite has is that it will offer Foxtel customers a whole new range of channels and services.

Kim Williams, chief executive at Foxtel commented on the new opportunities the satellite will create for the company.

“The next generation of Foxtel digital will offer customers 30 additional channels, including 10 additional HD channels, enhanced navigation features, and significantly more interactive and on-demand features.

O’Sullivan commented further on the importance of satellites for the Australian community.

“Satellite makes sense for the nation. Optus satellite reaches all corners of the country delivering subscription television, free-to-air TV, voice, internet and radio services making it an important source of news and entertainment for the entire population,” he said.

“Today’s launch demonstrates Optus’ commitment to keeping Australia and New Zealand at the forefront of satellite technology as we continue to invest in bringing communications capability, such as high definition television, to more households.”

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