Forget the hard drive! TEAC’s new time shift LCD innovation

TEAC is starting to create a real buzz with its new 57 series DVR LCD TVs due to the fact that they feature time shift capabilities without a built in hard drive. The new units directly record live digital TV to your portable media like USB thumb drives and even external hard drives for limitless storage capacity.

The 57 series DVR TVs are currently available in three different sizes: 19-inch  for RRP $799, 22-inch for RRP $899 and 26-inch for RRP $999.

Whilst demonstrating these new products to this morning, Daniel Seow, senior product and marketing manager at TEAC Australia, mentioned that a 32-inch will be available later in the year for RRP $1,199.

Seow commented on the unique proposition these new TVs have for the market.

“Unlike other time shift TVs on the market, TEAC’s range does not have a PVR. It directly records straight onto a USB thumb drive or external hard drive,” he said.

“This means that the recording capacity is endless, it all comes down to the size of the media you connect to the TV.”

Seow also emphasised that because there is no hard drive built into the unit, it means the production costs can stay low and therefore consumers are offered an affordable choice for their recording needs.

The 57 series also features the ability to record TV programs while in stand-by mode and can also be set on a timer to record at a preset time in the future.

To further inspire purchase of the 57 series DVR TV range, TEAC is planning on running a consumer promotion starting in September where consumers will receive a free 250GB hard drive via redemption with the purchase of any model in the 57 series DVR range. The purpose of the promotion is to highlight to consumers the limitless recording possibilities of the new range.

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