Acer and Telstra’s new Next G notebook solution

Telstra has just announced a new partnership with Acer Computing to offer three laptops with its built-in Next G wireless broadband, to offer consumers an all in one solution.

One of the key selling points of the new laptops is the fact that they offer consumers straight out of the box internet usage. Telstra Consumer executive director, Glenice Maclellan discussed this further.

“Acer embedded laptops offer customers a convenient all-in-one solution. A laptop, embedded with a Next G wireless broadband modem and WIFI for ease when accessing the Internet at home or on the go,” Maclellan said.

“Telstra worked with Acer to make sure once a customer has purchased an embedded laptop it was simple and quick to connect to the Internet. They’re able to leave a participating T[Life] store with their device set up, allowing them to start surfing the Internet straight away.”

The fact that you no longer need a wireless USB device or connect to ADSL via cables with these new devices is a definite positive for consumers who want an easier option to connect to the internet.

Ross Fielding, Telstra product management executive director, commented on the new Telstra embedded devices.

“All devices come with Telstra’s MyPlace application, which provides step-by-step assistance on set-up and connection, as well as easy access to key Telstra and BigPond services, including email, search, maps, news and more,” he said.

“In addition, Business customers can easily use the devices to access the T-Suite range of applications, which enables them to connect to world-class software for a simple, fixed monthly fee.”

The three embedded laptops are available exclusively through Telstra and Acer and the range includes two Aspire One 10’ Netbooks and the 14’ Aspire 4810T Timeline Notebook.

“The lightweight Netbooks at 1.1kg are true mobile devices, while the streamlined 1.9kg Notebook offers excellent battery performance with up to 8hrs always on capability,” Fielding said.

Fielding also discussed the payment method which is offered to consumers who want one of the new models.

“A monthly payment plan for customers, combining both the cost of the laptop and wireless broadband, offers convenience for customers as they can purchase both the laptop and wireless broadband in the one package.”

According to Telstra all models are available for $0 upfront on a $39 data plan plus monthly laptop repayments starting at $30.38 per month for 24 months. The products are available in 33 selected T[Life] stores across Australia.

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