A phone for everyone in Samsung’s new Icon range

Yesterday afternoon Samsung unveiled five new smartphones in its Icon range. One of the most impressive aspects of the portfolio is that they truly cater for everyone with four different operating systems across the range including Android, Symbian, Windows as well as its own Samsung OS.

At the launch event in Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art, Samsung unveiled its five new models including the Jet Icon, HD Icon, Galaxy Icon, Omnia Icon and Preston Icon.

All models feature touch capabilities but that is where the similarities end – every phone across the Icon range has a unique selling point that differentiates it from the others. This means Samsung has a phone that can suit everyone’s lifestyle and is perfect for those consumers who have a fear of missing out on the latest technology.

The Jet Icon is one of the most anticipated models to be announced due to the fact that it has been smashing pre-order records around the globe. Now the Jet Icon is finally headed to Australia and as its name suggests it is all about speed.

According to Samsung this is one of the fastest mobile phones on the market especially while surfing the internet.

“Samsung’s Jet Icon has already achieved phenomenal global success where it has been launched and we believe this has translated into much local anticipation,” said Tyler McGee, vice president of telecommunications, Samsung Australia.

The HD Icon is noticeably different from its other class mates as it has a much larger 3.7 inch AMOLED display, but on closer inspection it has even more distinguishing features.

The HD Icon is the first ever handset to feature 720p HD video recording, and combined with an 8MP built in digital still camera it offers consumers a competitive alternative to a standalone camera. The HD Icon also features built in DLNA, 16GB memory and runs on the Symbian OS.

The Galaxy Icon is the next in the range and is the first Samsung smartphone to run on Google’s Android OS.

Due to this Samsung is claiming that this is their most customisable touchphone yet. Whether you want to use desktops widgets or set up shortcuts on your desktop it is all possible with this phone. Not to mention the ability to use Google’s strong host of services like Google Search, Google Maps, Gmail and YouTube.

The Omnia Icon runs on Windows Mobile Professional 6.1 and combined with Samsung’s TouchWiz interface, the company is very confident in its success.

As with most Windows based smartphones it will be heavily used in the business community and is perfect for accessing office documents on the go and surfing the internet.

The final model in the range is the Preston Icon which is the company’s entry level model aimed at style conscious consumers and those who are relatively new to touchphones.

An exciting feature of this model is the Smart Unlock function that allows users to unlock the phone just by drawing a letter on the screen. This can also be assigned to certain menu options for added functionality.

“The Preston Icon is loaded full of features to enhance the experience for those relatively new to touch technology, we’re excited to bring this choice to the market,” said McGee.

Jet Icon RRP – TBC

HD Icon RRP $999

Galaxy Icon RRP $749

Omnia Icon RRP $899

Preston Icon RRP $449

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