Freeview educates retailers with trade promotion

Freeview has just announced the winner for its online Retailer Quiz promotion, with John Kang from Bing Lee Eastwood walking away with the major prize.

According to Freeview, the competition attracted hundreds of entries from retailers across the country. To enter retailers had to simply answer 10 quiz questions correctly that were related to Freeview and Freeview-endorsed products.

As the winner, John Kang received a $10,000 Qantas Holidays voucher, which was presented to him by Freeview marketing director Chelsea Wymer at the Eastwood store.

Robin Parkes, Freeview CEO commented on how the promotion was an excellent way to educate retailers about Freeview.

“The competition device of a quiz that was all about Freeview and Freeeview branded products has helped our retail partners educate their staff and this is just one way we are supporting retailers selling Freeview endorsed products,” she said.

“It’s a fantastic prize and we warmly congratulate Mr Kang from Bing Lee.”

Darren Young, the franchisee at Eastwood Bing Lee, was very happy that a Bing Lee staff member won the prize.

“John is a very hard worker and he deserves a wonderful holiday. We’re so pleased that someone from a Bing Lee store won the prize,” he said.

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