Haier clears up speculation: ‘we will continue marketing and distribution’

Haier Australia has just made an announcement that despite speculation and rumour in regards to its involvement with Fisher & Paykel, the company will continue to maintain the marketing and distribution of Haier manufactured and branded products in Australia.

“After lengthy discussion regarding the level of cooperation between Fisher & Paykel and Haier in Australia, Haier’s parent company decided it best to continue with the Haier Australia team heading the marketing and distribution here, while Fisher & Paykel will take over the distribution of the Haier manufactured and branded products in New Zealand,” said Keith Allen, CEO of Haier Australia.

“With the full backing of our parent company, we will continue to grow with and move forward with our valued customers in Australia.”

Allen emphasised that he was grateful for the patience shown by its customers.

“We are most grateful for the loyalty and patience our customers have shown Haier Australia through this recent period and now look forward to building an even stronger alliance with them,” he said.

“We are also very thankful to the parent company in China for the ongoing support shown to Haier Australia.”

The company also iterated that it will continue to work with Fisher & Paykel in identifying, and building on, any opportunities between the two companies that will maximise efficiency to better service their customers.

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