LG shifts time with new Time Machine plasma marketing campaign

By Martin Vedris

SYDNEY: In a unique mirroring of its new Time Machine TV feature, LG Electronics Australia released information today on its new Full HD PS80 and PS70 plasma TVs with built-in Time Shift function, but the TVs were already released a few weeks ago.

One benefit of the ‘time shift’ in LG’s decision to soft launch the new TVs before releasing the marketing information is that retailers have access to the stock before the consumers start asking for it.

What’s all the fuss about though? And why would PVR manufacturers be forgiven for starting to feel a little nervous?

With the PS80 and PS70 plasma TVs, LG has built the DVR functions into the TV — they allow the consumer to pause, rewind and record live TV direct from the TV.

The PS80 has a DVR with 250GB hard drive storage, which LG says will store either 23 hours of high-definition or 57 hours of standard-definition programs.

If that’s not enough storage, you can connect an external hard drive of 40GB or more through the TV’s ‘Time Machine Link’ USB port to expand the recording capacity. This functionality also allows you to record and store programs on the PS70 model as well.

LG’s slogan for these TVs is “Time Is On Your Side With LG’s New Time Machine TVs”.

“LG has introduced another reason to enjoy Full HD plasma TVs,” said Warren Kim, category manager – TV, LG Electronics Australia.

“Thanks to LG’s Time Machine feature consumers have greater control over their TV viewing. Whether it’s pausing, rewinding or slow motioning of live broadcast, viewers can enjoy their favourite programs in their own terms with the unique Time Shift function. In addition, instant recording, timer recording (based on 7 days EPG) and simultaneous watch and record functions offer the convenience of DVR functions built into a TV set.”

Other features of the PS80 and PS70 include a 2,000,000:1 contrast ratio, and the Plug and Play (PnP) feature allows simple connectivity to digital cameras, camcorders and MP3 players.

In terms of energy consumption, these plasma TVs consumes less energy by controlling the brightness via backlight control technology. The Screen-Off feature turns off the screen, while keeping the sound alive and a mechanical Switch-Off sets the TV to a power saving mode, where “near zero” electricity is used. An Intelligent Sensor measures the brightness of the surrounding environment and automatically adjusts the brightness of the picture on screen.

The PS80 is available in a 50-inch size for RRP $3,699, while the PS70 is available in 50- and a 60-inch sizes for RRP $3,299 and $5,999 respectively.

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