LG’s 200 Hz TV technology; extra frames and scanning backlights

By Martin Vedris

SYDNEY: LG’s new LH50 200 LCD TV uses inserted frames and scanning backlight technology rather an interpolation system to create the 200 Hz frame rate.

In a statement, LG Electronics Australia said that its full HD TruMotion 200Hz technology on the new LH50 LCD TV is different from other 200 Hz technologies.

According to LG, other 200 Hz TV technologies use an interpolation system which creates “new frames” between each true frame. LG stated that these interpolated frames are the TV’s best guess as to what should appear.

However, LG says its TruMotion 200Hz technology uses frame insertions and scanning backlight technologies. By flashing on and off, LG state that the backlight produces actual black frames between true and inserted frames therefore reducing motion blur, increasing sharpness and improving contrast levels in dark scenes.

“The LG LH50 is transforming the TV viewing experience with the latest full HD and TruMotion 200Hz technologies, superb features and a minimalist design that accentuates any living room,” said LG Electronics Australia TV category manager, Warren Kim.

“LG is recognised for its ability to perfectly balance smart technology and stylish design in products that fit consumers’ lifestyles. Our LH50 is exceptional at this.”

LG says the new LH50 features a Picture Wizard tuning function, preset AV modes and 24p Real Cinema mode to optimize the LH50’s picture quality for all types of vision, including g sports, movies and games.

The LH50 also has HD DivX and USB 2.0 compatibility, it has four HDMI v1.3 ports, LG’s proprietary Invisible Speaker and Clear Voice II technologies and an off switch which reduces power consumption to almost zero watts.

The LH50 is available in five screen sizes; 55LH50YD (55-inch) RRP$4,799, 47LH50YD (47-inch) RRP$3,999, 42LH50YD (42-inch) RRP$2,999, 37LH50YD (37-inch) RRP$2,199 and the 100Hz model 32LH50YD (32inch) RRP$1,799. All models are available now, with exception of the 55LH50YD, which will be available at the end of June.

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