Dog day afternoon for Jaycar

SYDNEY: It seems that Jaycar has rushed in where others fear to tread, with the Sydney-based retail group signing on as a Bulldogs’ sponsor for the rest of the year. Rugby league sponsorship can be a risky venture in this environment, as LG recently discovered with its sponsorship of the Sharks.

“I have a successful business and I like to be associated with success so a partnership with the Bulldogs was a natural” said Jaycar managing director Gary Johnston. 

“The Bulldogs’ management and players have shown us all the way forward for the future of Rugby League. We wish the Bulldogs well and we are sure that all true Rugby League lovers will feel the same way.”

Jaycar is not the first consumer electronics retailer to seek a Bulldogs sponsorship deal. Two months ago, the NRL stepped in to stop the Strathfield Group from sponsoring the Bulldogs, citing a conflict with its own sponsors.

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