Gloves come off as Samsung fires back at Sony

Exclusive by Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY: Samsung has wasted no time in firing back at Sony, after it was earlier reported that the Japanese supplier was criticising Samsung’s marketing of its LED TVs.

In a prepared statement sent to, Samsung director of marketing Kurt Jovais stressed his brand’s number one position in the marketplace, saying that this was based on key marketing fundamentals, such as truth and accuracy. Interestingly, Samsung chose not to reference Sony directly.

“Competitor’s communication with their retailers is at their discretion,” said Jovais.

“Samsung is committed to communicating honestly, frankly and accurately with our retailers about our products and technology, and will continue to act as such moving forward. It is this relationship that has seen Samsung be the leading television brand in the Australian market.”

This response came after we revealed earlier today that Sony was using its retail roadshows to “debunk” certain aspects of Samsung’s marketing – aspects Sony labels as “myths” and describes as “misleading”.

Central to this conflict is Samsung’s claim that its latest range of LED TVs is a “new species” of television. Sony said that it was just an LCD panel with an LED backlight, something it’s been producing for five years.

Shortly after this original story was published, Samsung’s representatives contacted us to add the following information:

"Samsung is debuting its Samsung LED TV range today to retailers. Already, early indications show that retailers and consumers love the new TVs. They notice the difference in picture quality and design and we’re really looking forward to watching the growing market response."

Samsung is due to present its retail wares at a product showcase in Melbourne tonight.

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