Sony loses 7 retail staff members, denies spending millions on ads

Exclusive by Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY: Sony Australia has today provided more details regarding yesterday’s 32 redundancies. Additionally, the Australian arm of the worldwide electronics corporation has denied claims it is amping up its advertising spend at the same time as it is showing people the door.

A Sony spokesperson told that only seven of the 32 Sony employees dismissed yesterday worked in the retail channel. Furthermore, the total number of employees laid off yesterday equates to “less than 10% of the company,” according to this Sony spokesperson.

In response to questions regarding a news article in a rival publication that said Sony was spending millions in a new advertising campaign with the Seven Network, was told: “It was not a multi-million dollar deal with Channel 7. Sony Australia has significantly reduced advertising spend compared to last year.”

There is no information currently available on whether Sony’s downsizing in Australia will soon be repeated in New Zealand.

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