Panasonic shows off newest Blu-ray recorders

By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY: Panasonic this morning released details of its second generation of Blu-ray Disc recorders. At the boutique launch in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, the two new Blu-ray recorders, which are set to be released to retail in May, were demonstrated by product manager for DVD and Blu-ray Sophie Barton. 

The DMR-BW850 (RRP $2,199) and the DMR-BW750 (RRP $1,979)have 500GB and 250GB hard disk drives respectively, with the larger-sized model able to record up to 240 hours of high definition content, or 72 hours of Full HD content.  Content can also be archived onto Blu-ray discs for playback later, although it was confirmed that some Blu-ray players will not be able to support the recording format.

Enhanced features of these models include Viera Cast, for access to YouTube and Picasa through your television; an H.264 encoder for high quality images and extended recording capacity; BD-Live; direct TV record; 7-day electronic program guide; closed captions and DivX compatibility.

“Panasonic continues to lead the way in Blu-ray innovation, bringing two advanced second generation Blu-ray Recorders to the Australian market,” said Barton. “With extended recording capacity of up to 240 hours and expanded compatibility with DivX and BD-Live content, Panasonic has raised the benchmark in Blu-ray.

“With the arrival of VIERA CAST, Panasonic has redefined home entertainment, opening the door to an array of content easily accessible via the Recorder’s remote control.”

To date, Panasonic is the only supplier of Blu-ray disc recorders in Australia, and as such, Panasonic director of consumer electronics proudly quipped that they currently have “100 per cent market share”.

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