Buy an Xbox 360, get Halo Wars for free

By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY: Microsoft has this morning announced that it will be giving away the new Halo Wars game with every purchase of an Xbox 360 device.

This offer applies to the all Xbox 360 devices, which range from RRP $299 for the Arcade model to $549 for the Elite model. The game itself is valued at RRP $99.

This promotion will commence on Thursday 26 February and continue until 26 March.

“The highly anticipated Halo Wars is a must for all Xbox owners. It’s perfect for both curious real-time-strategy fans looking to explore the genre on the console platform and for those looking to get their hands on the latest Halo game,” said a Microsoft spokesperson.

“The Halo series has captured millions of fans worldwide, becoming a popular culture phenomenon. Halo Wars will give fans a different perspective of the Halo universe and add a new chapter to the famous Halo franchise.”

What is unclear, however, is how this promotion, which is sure to be a success, will affect retailers. The dramatic drops in gaming console prices have resulted in the category becoming an out-and-proud loss leader. Margins that are not made selling the console are made later with the purchase of over-priced and expensive games. If Halo Wars is as anticipated as Microsoft claims, isn’t giving it away robbing savvy retailers of the chance to upsell customers at the point of purchase?

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