Cooling units selling out at retail level, but are they the right products?

By Patrick Avenell

In the wake of a series of scorching temperatures and horrendous heat, one supplier has provided the industry with some positive news to cool the tempers and warm up retail hearts in this period of austerity.

Fujitsu General marketing manager Milton Kaloudis reported to today that the retail level, appliance stores are selling out of fans, air conditioners and other cooling units, which is welcome news this year after a flat summer 2008 season.

“Across the industry, at the retail level, there has been selling out of fans and air conditioners, we are well positioned with stock though,” said Kaloudis.

“Retailers need to remember to inform the customer of efficiency – portables may be cheaper, but not in running costs, than an air conditioning unit. Also, sell with the customer’s circumstances in mind. Portables aren’t designed to cool large rooms,” he said.

Another issue that Kaloudis is keen for retailers to be aware of is timing. Although many states have just experienced the worst heatwave in recorded history, it is February, the last month of calendar summer, and the cooler months are near.

“Look at reverse cycle to support the customer in winter. Our reports are that it will be a very cold winter and tradition shows that a hot summer is followed by a cold winter.”

In other Fujitsu General news, Kaloudis reiterated his brand’s support of the industry during the ongoing economic problems.

“We are still planning a winter promotion and we will maintain our levels of marketing to drive customers into stores. We’ll keep investing to keep customers in stores,” he said.

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