New national manager for retail security product supplier

By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY: ADT Security has announced the appointment of Lorraine Chisholm to the position of national source tagging manager for the retail security business in Australia. Chisholm will report directly to ADT Security Australia national retail manager (Sensormatic) Phil Brown.

Based in ADT’s Melbourne office, Chisholm takes up the role following a period with Westbury Packaging, where she was responsible for developing made-to-order imported packaging for Australian manufacturers.

A spokesperson for ADT said there had been growing interest in source tagging as retailers, particularly those selling electrical and multimedia goods, seek more efficient and foolproof methods of protecting their goods from shoplifters.

Source tagging is the process of embedding an anti-shoplifting label into a product’s primary packaging or into the product itself at the point of manufacture.

“Retailers worldwide are increasingly looking to industry experts to learn how source tagging can assist their business by dramatically reducing shrinkage,” said Brown. “The success of Acousto-Magnetic (AM) source tagging in reducing shrinkage has led major chains to extend tagging to all products over a specified dollar value, making it the frontline defence against theft.”

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