NEC Australia executive admits “it’s been a tough day”

By James Wells

MELBOURNE: NEC Australia has expressed its regret at having to close the retail division of the company, with one executive saying “it’s been a tough day”, but also admitting “it makes a lot of sense”.

The head of corporate communications for NEC Australia, Craig Norton, told that the majority of the company’s sales are in the business and government markets and this is where the future of the brand lies in this country.

“The positive thing for NEC is that we are clearly going to focus on our core strengths and capabilities. That decision means about 200 people are going to have to leave us. It’s been a tough day and a whole lot of good people have been affected,” Norton said.

“The business side is well and truly the most significant majority of our sales in the Australian market. The latest figures I have seen shows NEC had 1-2 per cent share of the TV market. From a global and local perspective, as hard as it is to make this decision, it makes a lot of sense.”

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