Bosch and Siemens recall does not apply to Australian Dishwashers

BSH Home Appliances told Appliance Retailer that a product recall, due to a potential fire hazard on a range of dishwashers in the US, does not apply to Australia.

The recall announced last week, involved certain Bosch and Siemens dishwashers manufactured from May 1999 through July 2005.

But the national marketing and communications coordinator at BSH Australia, Aleks Efeian, has reassured Australian consumers that all Australian products are not subject to the recall in the United States.

“This product recall has been ascertained in the United States only, the manufacturing of dishwashers in North America is exclusively for the US markets only,” stated Efeian.

“So Australian consumers can be rest assured that their BSH dishwasher is completely safe and Efeian further emphasised that “this product recall does not pose a risk for the Australian market place or appliances.”

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