NEC Australia closure will cut 200 staff by the end of March

By James Wells

SYDNEY: NEC Australia has announced that 200 staff, which is 16 per cent of the company’s employees, will lose their jobs as a result of the decision to leave the retail market and concentrate on the business and government market.

“The restructure will result in approximately 200 staff leaving the business by the end of March through a combination of voluntary and compulsory redundancies, with the majority coming from the Retail division,” NEC managing director, Mr Wataru Takeuchi, said in a statement this afternoon.

“This move forms part of our strategic evolution towards redefining NEC Australia as a business services company. As such, a decision has been made to withdraw our retail products in order to focus our resources and energy on our key strengths which are our business offerings and our Research and Development capabilities.”

Prior to today’s announcement, NEC Australia employed 1,200 people.

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