LG appoints new Australian managing director

By Patrick Avenell

LG Electronics Australia has today announced the appointment of a new managing director, Soon Kwon, who will commence his role in early January 2009.
Kwon was previously the LGE Korea corporate marketing vice president, in charge of overseas marketing of major appliances. Additionally, he has also worked in other senior positions with LG in the USA and Canada.
Kwon’s predecessor, Daniel Shin, is returning to LGE’s Korean Headquarters after a 3-year tenure. He is set to become team leader of global sales management for the refrigeration division.
Talking about Shin’s tenure at LG is LG Electronics Asia president and CEO Woody Nam.
“Mr. Shin’s commitment to driving market leadership, sales and brand growth in Australia has been significant and ensured the company is in the best possible position to respond to market trends.

 “On behalf of LGE I would like to thank Daniel and we all wish him well in his future endeavours,” said Nam.
 “Mr Kwon’s appointment will help secure further growth in this market and ensure, during challenging times, LGE Australia is in the best possible position to respond to market needs and movement.”

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