Crest Launches Australian First – Standby Saving, High End Surge Protected Power

Crest electronics is proud to launch an Australian first. The Earth Smart Power Board is an environmentally friendly way to power AV and IT equipment while staying protected.
With a key trend towards saving energy and reducing carbon emissions Crest has invested in staying ahead of the pack in a bid to help better the environment. The Earth Smart Power Board has been created to help reduce a household’s carbon footprint by decreasing the costly standby power produced by their much loved IT and audio visual equipment.

Did you know that an average of 10% of your electricity bill can be contributed to stand by power? By using the Earth Smart Power Board not only can a household reduce their carbon emissions and help the environment but they will also see a significant saving in their power bill.
But what about protection? Not only does the Earth Smart Power Board save on stand by but it also protects. With a high surge rating customers can feel secure that the Earth Smart Board will protect their valuable equipment from damaging spikes and surges. Crest electronics are so confident in Earth Smart’s ability to protect connected components that it offers an unlimited connected equipment warranty for that extra peace of mind.
But how does it work? Connect the main components (e.g. a DVD recorder) to the ‘master’ socket and all other components to the ‘peripheral’ sockets. When finished with the equipment just press the off button on the main component (or remote control) and the Earth Smart board will cut off the power to all of the other components completely. The master component will turn onto standby and stay powered thus ensuring that time is kept for all program recordings (applicable for a DVD recorder application).

Crest Electronics has teamed up with the Carbon Reduction Institute who have measured the emissions embodied in the product, form ‘cradle to retail’. This level of emissions is transferred into carbon credits which Crest will purchase ensuring that the Earth Smart power board is 100% Carbon Free.

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